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We all want our friends to be happy… but how far would you go to help? Tiny Huge Decisions follows two best friends, Mohsin and Dalia, as they make a relationship altering choice – will she be the gestational surrogate for Mohsin and his husband? Mohsin grew up in a devout Muslim family where being gay was inconceivable. He couldn’t imagine living the life he dreamed of - to create his own family. He’s now met the love of his life, Matthew, and they want a child. When Mohsin’s best friend, Dalia, said she’d consider being a gestational surrogate for them, he couldn’t believe it - she already has a child of her own and had serious complications with her pregnancy… Eavesdrop in on their conversations, their processing, and their choices, as they grapple with the real question - is this the worst idea in the world, or the greatest gift a friend can give?

Tiny Huge Decisions is a co-production of APM Studios and Chalk + Blade.

Production Team

Dalia Iskander

Dalia Iskander

Dalia Iskander is an Associate Professor of Medical Anthropology at UCL. Her specialist research areas include health; the environment and the body; childhood and gender; and health-related decision making. She and her husband recently had a child and this experience has made her think differently about pregnancy and parenthood. Dalia comes from a British-Egyptian-Christian background and lives in London with her family.

Mohsin Zaidi

Mohsin Zaidi

Mohsin Zaidi is an award-winning author, speaker and barrister. His critically acclaimed memoir on sexuality, race and class, A Dutiful Boy (Penguin, 2020), won the American Lambda Literary award and the British Polari First Book Prize. It was also named a Guardian, GQ, and New Statesman Book of the Year.  

The book, which is currently being adapted for screen, is described by The Guardian as 'a profound meditation on the power of the human heart, providing a lesson of acceptance for us all, and for the future of our multicultural society.’ The Times says it is a book that will save lives. 

An advocate for LGBT rights, BAME representation and social mobility, Mohsin sat on the board of Stonewall and is listed by The Financial Times as a top future LGBT leader. A regular commentator on Sky News, he also writes for The New York Times, the Guardian, CNN Style, The i Newspaper, Bustle, Mr Porter and Newsweek. He was recently listed in The Lawyer Magazine Hot 100, and Attitude magazine named him a trailblazer changing the world.

IG: @mohsinzaidi_ldn

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